Monday, January 28, 2013

Looking Back: Day 1

Everyday of the week leading to the release of our new album, CARTOGRAPHY, we'll be streaming different UNreleased (and probably embarrassing) songs spanning the entire life of the band. Each song will only be up for the day it's posted. (Like I said, they're embarrassing)

Today's entry is a cover of Eleanor Rigby Matt and Malachi did ten years ago. Listen here.
What Matt has to say about it: 
I first met Malachi through mutual college friends and was working on a set of recordings for another band he was in when we decided it might be fun to experiment with some acoustic covers together. This track precedes the formation of the Denouement proper by about a year. Here is the unfinished version of the very first recording we ever made together in fall of 2003, a cover of the Beatles Eleanor Rigby.
--matthew lee
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Jeremy Rivera said...

Nothing embarrasing about that track, it's really a great interpretation. I recall seeing a gig where this was played with Keiko on Violin, was a reconding made with her on the track?

Malachi Ward said...

Thanks Jeremy. Keiko playing violin live at some point sounds right to me. There aren't any recordings of it to my knowledge.