Monday, January 28, 2013

Looking Back: Day 2

Everyday of the week leading to the release of our new album, CARTOGRAPHY, we'll be streaming different UNreleased (and probably embarrassing) songs spanning the entire life of the band. Each song will only be up for the day it's posted. (Like I said, they're embarrassing)

We've got two songs for Tuesday's entry, which you can listen to here- 

Here's what Malachi has to say about them:

Both "She Is" and "Biting Through the Table" originate from some of the earliest writing sessions I had with Sam and Andrew. The first demos were recorded in Yucaipa mostly, either in Andew’s bedroom or a church, when those two were still in high school. These particular recordings came from the “Weaker Than Thou” time, about a year or so later. Listening now, She Is doesn’t sound too different from our later work. One song from this time, Clotted Together, survived all the way through to our current sets.
- Malachi
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