Friday, February 1, 2013

Looking Back: Day 5

Everyday of the week leading to the release of our new album, CARTOGRAPHY, we'll be streaming different UNreleased songs spanning the entire life of the band. The songs will only be up this week.

Our last entry is three songs we recorded as a part of Matt's senior project when he was in college. Other songs from these recordings, like OK, Okinawa, Heaven Maps, and Shake Off, appeared in more or less similar form on our first album, Low Tide.

I Don’t Bleed is a revamped version of a song Malachi and I originally wrote back when we were still an acoustic duo.  The Denouement went through a period where we explored more folk arrangements of some of our songs, and this song made a brief resurgence.

This tune began as a guitar part (written by Robbie) and grew into a full-fledged demo in writing session including Robbie, Malachi, and Andrew.  This recording was created as part of my senior project, a collection of never before released Denouement recordings.

Hymn Song (Have a Beer on Us)
This song has been a live staple for a long time. It speaks for itself.

- Matt